Lubyy Honey

Lubyy-Honig is based in Transylvania and it is a small enterprise registered in Romania dealing with apiculture and honey production. Different types of honey are produced depending on the season; acacia and polyfloral honey are obtained. At present, the honey bee farm covers 200 bee colonies.

The colonies are located in Harghita and are moved by trailer to different places around Transylvania, depending on the season and the blooming period, to pollenise blossoms there.

Supporting agriculture

The European Union actively promotes and supports apiculture and honey production in Romania/Hungary for young entrepreneurs and beekeepers as this is very important for the development of the flora and vegetation in Eastern Europe. At the same time, the young generation should be offered a possibility for work and earn their living in a region where jobs are hard to find and incomes are low.  30 per cent of the population in Transylvania work in agriculture and hardly earn their keep from this type of activity (as a comparison, in Germany there are almost 5 per cent and in Switzerland ..%). For this reason, the support of agricultural projects is vitally important for the region and the country of Romania.

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Honey From Your Own Honey Bee Colony