How did I become a beekeeper?

Working with honey bees in the middle of nature, in the fresh air makes me happy. I have loved honey since I was a child. I was inspired by my uncle who was also a beekeeper and this is how I came into contact with honey bees. I have been a beekeeper for 3 years and I work continuously on the development of own honey bee colonies. I also graduated from the training course for beekeepers.

I am fascinated by honey bees and I hope I can earn my living with honey bees and Lubyy-Honig. The idea of sponsorship for a honey bee colony came into discussion in relation with friends.


The most wonderful experience with honey bees

Two memories come spontaneously to my mind. First of all, when I managed to extract honey and secondly, when I was promised the first sponsorship for a honey bee colony.


How often am I stung by bees yearly?

I have never counted bee stings. But in spite of protective clothing, I get about 20 stings per month. While we are harvesting honey, we get stings in most instances. In such cases, stings come up to 10 per day.

This is what I love to serve the most with the honey I personally harvested:   

I personally love to serve honey with tea, but also in natural yogurt with nuts and fruits, honey is a delicacy I would never miss.

What does impress me the most when it comes to honey bees?

Honey bees are very hard-working and well-organized. Did you know that for the extraction of 500g honey a bee colony has to cover a distance of about 120,000 flying kilometres…?

What are my objectives with Lubyy-Honig?

I wish to produce further on good quality honey and to develop the honey bee population. Thanks to the sponsorships, I would like to be able to earn my living with bees and honey and to give a chance for young people to work and to have an income in my home country. Besides sponsorship, I hope that hotels and distributors will make a contribution to it.

During work

This is a short video which shows how I take out a honey bee colony, separate the honeycombs with the help of a special tool and show you the honeycombs with bees on them. At the end of the video you can see the wagon the bee colonies are housed in. Have a good time with this video!

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Honey From Your Own Honey Bee Colony