Transylvania has a great tradition in honey production and is known for its good-quality and pure honey. The mountains and the variety of vegetation in Transylvania not really affected by traffic and industry, allow the production of a pure and good-quality honey. This way, a lot of honey brands from Transylvania are already available in Europe (including Switzerland).

What does the region look like, in which Lubyy honey is produced?

You can gain an insight into a short movie of the organization „Fundația ADEPT“ campaigning for the protection of nature and landscape in Transylvania.


Over 2/3 of the honey offered in Globus Delicatessa, Migros, Coop etc. originate from abroad.

Where does the honey you usually eat come from? Only a small part of the honey sold in retail trade derives from Switzerland. The rest of the products partially mixed from the entire world. Lubyy honey is gathered exclusively by honey bees in Transylvania and is locally processed.

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Honey From Your Own Honey Bee Colony