Transylvania offers a great biodiversity. Especially its cultivated landscapes, on which traditional

agricultural activities occur on a small scale, belong to the species-richest regions in Europe.

Particularly, the extensively used meadows and hay harvests are rich in insects and

amphibians, as well as typical meadow birds. Meadows and deciduous forests dominate the

natural landscape. As in broad parts of Transylvania, the emigration waves of the German

speaking minority and the social change after the turn led to land set-aside. Even this way, this

traditional cultivated landscape and its unique biodiversity could not disappear if the land use

were not intensified.

The biodiversity of Transylvania is unique in Europe: there is an interaction of extensively

cultivated lands, „intact“ villages and traditional agriculture, as in other parts of Europe in the 19 th

century. Besides the rich hayfields occur also wolves and bears in the relatively low regions of


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